Do you want to have time to connect with your family over a meal together more often?
Do you wish there was an easy way to feed the family in between games/practices/afterschool activities without hitting the drive through all the time?
Do you wish there was an easy way to find your favorite recipes without rifling through cookbooks, recipe cards and print outs from the internet?
If you said YES, then the Bringing Back the Family Meal for Busy Families 4 Day Challenge is exactly what you need!
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Summer is the perfect time to set up your meal planning and recipe system so that you have a solid game plan in place for feeding the family when schedules are crazy!

In the Bringing Back the Family Meal Challenge,  we are going to set you up for success!

Day 1 - The family meal doesn't have to be a home cooked meal that takes all day to prepare with fancy china and candles to reap the benefits like
✔truly connecting with each other
✔decreasing the chances of being over weight
✔decreasing the chances of alcohol and drug use in children
✔increasing academic performance for children

Day 2 - What should you eat for these family meals?:
✔gathering your favorite recipes and creating a digital filing cabinet
✔it doesn't always have to be cooked at home
✔what meals travel well if you have to sit down together between games at a picnic bench

Day 3 - How to make it happen when you're all going a million directions?
✔make a plan ahead of time to be successful
✔be sure your plan is flexible, because we all know schedules change
✔is your meal together going to be breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Day 4 - Pulling it all together to make it happen
✔Using your digital recipe filing cabinet as a resource
✔Key things to look for in making your plan for the week
✔Giving yourself grace if it doesn't go as planned

These will be live trainings in the Facebook group each day July 24-27 that will be available to view until July 31.  

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👊  My digital notebook of my favorite easy portable meals recipes
😋  My infamous home made ranch recipe
📞  VIP Q&A zoom call to work through your specific scenarios so that you can be successful at bringing back the family meal to your family! The VIP call will be July 27 evening. 

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Bringing Back the Family Meal Challenge!

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