Are you ready to get your cleaning routine nailed down?
Are you ready to reduce the chemical load in your household?

My Cleaning Tips for Sports Moms Guide includes some amazing ways to simplify your cleaning duties!  
And if this is an area you struggle in too,
I have a fantastic tool set to help you get control of your cleaning routine! ⚡⚡

The Cleaning Simplified Bundle
that contains:

✔ A Natural Cleaners booklet with solutions to help you save 💲 on your cleaning bill and reduce the chemical load in your household 
A Cleaning Routine schedule fully customizable to wrangle your chores into a schedule that works for you and helps you remember the often forgotten chores that are only done a few times a year
✔A monthly Cleaning Grid that is fully customizable and can be printed full size and hung up for the family to use together or printed 1/2 size to fit into your bullet journal or planner
✔And a BONUS Game Day checklist that is fully customizable for you to make sure you never leave home without your essentials and you are ready for all the games and practices anyday, anytime!  

This Cleaning Simplified Bundle is available
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What's included in the Cleaning Simplified Bundle?
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Natural cleaners booklet

Some simple swaps for natural cleaners can simplify things and reduce the chemical load on your family. 

Cleaning Routine

Fully customizable to put your chores on your schedule your way!  

Monthly cleaning grid

Customize to your family's needs and print it full size for the whole family to help or 1/2 size to fit in your bullet journal or planner.  

BONUS!  Game Day Checklist

Complete it with all of your essentials so you're ready to go to any game or practice anytime!