Are you ready to stop feeling overwhelmed by the cleaning that's on your plate?
Are you ready to reduce the chemical load in your household?
Are you ready to get your cleaning routine nailed down?
I was overwhelmed with the information on the internet about natural cleaning solutions when I started looking for ways to reduce the chemicals in our house.  So, I've broken it down for you into one small booklet so that you don't have to do the research too.  I have developed a couple of tools I use to break down the cleaning that needs to get done into routines that fit into my busy lifestyle.  
I put these tools into a bundle for you so that you can reduce your overwhelm too!

The Cleaning Simplified Bundle
Get your copy of this fully customizable package so that:  
✔you can nail down your cleaning routine
✔get the family involved with the cleaning
✔reduce the chemical load on your family
✔reduce your overwhelm 
It includes: 

1.  Natural Cleaners Booklet gives you some simple ways to use pantry and bathroom staples you already have on hand to tackle cleaning jobs at your house.  
2.  The Cleaning Routine is a fully customizable to put your chores on your schedule your way! I have included some of my cleaning routine to get your gears turning on what you want to include here.
3.  The monthly cleaning grid is customize to your needs and you can print it full size to post on the fridge for the whole family to help or 1/2 size to fit in your bullet journal or planner.    
4.  As a little bonus, I've included the Game Day checklist so that you can complete it with all of your essentials and print a copy to make sure you have everything you need before heading out to a  game or practice! 

This bundle will be delivered right to your inbox along with a walk through tutorial so that you can put these tools to work right away!

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