Simplify how you manage sports mom life
with a system that's easy to use and take with you on the go!
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Discover how to use 2 simple tools to corral the many activities, to do lists, meal planning and more this summer so you can be ready to rock your sports mom life!

Sports moms are busy multitasking everyday and often feel frazzled, anxious and wiped out at the end of the day.

You know this is you if you find yourself scrambling to find that practice schedule, where the next game location is, stressing out about who's going to eat what and when, realizing at the last minute you can't get all the kids to the places they need to be at the same time by yourself, winging it and forgetting that dang water bottle AGAIN!

It is possible to have a command central system for all the things that are important to you, so that you feel calm, knowing you have a solid plan in place, and a system for storing the important things you need to know and can find exactly what you need with out getting distracted by the endless scroll!

Imagine if all of your to do lists, meal plans, sports schedules, appointment reminders, gratitude journaling, goals, dreams and projects were right at your fingertips anytime you needed them.  Imagine the sense of calm and confidence you would have when you jet off to that next activity with the confidence that your command central system is in tow!

Introducing the 
Sports Mom Reboot Challenge!
Tame the chaos, unwind the stress and live your purpose,
with a command central system for your life!

I used to rifle  through multiple apps, printed schedules, wall calendars, multiple spiral bound notebooks, planners and journals to try and keep up with everything going on in our multiple sports loving family.  When I learned how to pair it down to one simple paper tool and one digital tool, life became a whole lot easier and a lot less stressful!  That's why I am passionate about teaching others how to do the same!  -gwen reed

What will I learn in this challenge?
In this 2 day live challenge June 27-28, 2022 we will cover:
  • How one paper tool can save your sanity!  
  • How one digital tool can be your portable filing cabinet!
  • How to use these two tools to have a complete command central for your life! 
  • Plus some mind blowing time saving tips to organize your phone apps, desktop links and more!

The Sports mom reboot challenge will be held live June 27-28 but replays will be made available to you so you don't miss a beat if your schedule is already packed!

Hi!  I'm Gwen Reed.  
I'm a busy sports mom who helps other busy moms corral life's chaos so they can live with less stress and more joy!
I wish I had a command central system from the start, 12 years ago when I was getting started in various volunteer roles in the community.  It has stopped the endless searching for what I need, reduced my digital distraction time and improved my mindset by focusing on what matters most to me.  

I can't wait to see you in the challenge and help you set up a command central system that works for you!
NOW is THE time to take the challenge...
You will learn how to set up a command central system and start using it right away!

You can stop the endless searching around for todo lists, grocery lists, schedules, meal plans and more and feel the stress melt away when you are confident that you have everything you need at your fingertips!  

You deserve to have less stress and feel confident that you have all your ducks in a row!