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I'm Gwen Reed, mom to 2 active sports loving teenagers and after 12 years of scrambling around trying to keep up with the sports practices, schedules, volunteering, cleaning, cooking and trying to stay out of the doctor's offices, I have landed on some incredibly simple way to corral the madness and find my groove.  I am a former corporate level manager turned sports mom advocate.  

I help other sports moms implement systems to streamline life with simple natural solutions that fit their busy lifestyles!

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Winning the Sports Mom Life!
Sports moms have a lot to juggle!  I am here to support you!  

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As a busy sports mom, I felt overwhelmed with the cleaning - the laundry, the house, the car... it just was a constant battle.  I have found some ways to stream line my cleaning routine and products.  Grab a copy of my guide so you can implement these strategies too! 

If you are a sports mom who has struggled to keep up with things - schedules, to do lists, volunteering, household chores, eating healthy, carpools, staying active, making time for yourself, devotions and #allthingsmomlife - then this group is for you!  
We are going to delve into some of the BEST ways to keep life simple, stay organized, make healthy decisions everyday and enjoy the life of a sports mom! 

Busy sports moms need a way to keep up with all the schedules, the changes, the parties/celebrations, the meal plan and #allthingsmomlife.  

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Kids are sponges and soak up the entire life experience in a way that molds and shapes their way of thinking that they will carry into adulthood.  I believe they have learned a great deal about how to work within an ever-changing world dynamic at a more accelerated pace than I ever did that’s for sure.  


Your child is having fun and you are enjoying watching them do their thing and then it happens…  It could be a strain, a sprain, a broken bone, a sore arm but whatever it is, life comes to a screeching halt and it impedes them from continuing their sport for a while.  


...starting the day in a way that brings joy and peace to your mind is absolutely one of the best things you can do for yourself.  We all know that when you fill your own cup, you can be ready to pour into others.  As children of God, we are here to serve others with our unique gifts and talents.  If we begin our days with frustration and overwhelm, we will not be at our best to serve with a heart of joy and gratitude.  

But I’m going to propose something here, your evening routine is just as important and can set you up for success for the morning!