Sunday morning biscuits
Sunday mornings are quiet for me.  I usually get to sleep in a little bit and everyone else sleeps in a little bit more, so I have some quiet time before I start breakfast.  I am alone with my thoughts.  They usually take me down all sorts of paths filled with a little bit of worry, a little bit of excitement, a little bit of negative self talk about things that I haven't done and a little self pep talk that I'm doing fine.  I usually do things that don't require a lot of mental work in the morning - like unloading the dishwasher and folding laundry while my thoughts run around in my head.  I have  notebook I keep handy to write down things that I don't want to forget as they pop into my head.  

One thing I don't have to think about though is what I am making for breakfast.  It's a day that has somehow settled into a routine of eggs, bacon and biscuits.  Every Sunday with a few exceptions throughout the year.  There's no push back about having the same thing every Sunday, it's just what we do.  And that takes a lot of stress out of the morning for me.  

You see, I think about food alot... what are we going to eat for dinner, who's gonna be home at what time for dinner, what does everyone want for dinner, can it be reheated o.k., how can I make sure they eat vegetables, etc.   As a busy family with athletes, eating together is hard sometimes.  But its important to me that we eat together as much as possible.  

Sitting around the table together means we give thanks by saying Grace, we talk (some days more than others), we laugh, we tell stories, we connect and it just doesn't happen all the time because of all the fun activities we have going on.  So at least most Sunday mornings we have that time together.  Which makes me very happy.  

I remember my mom's buttermilk biscuits and I have attempted to make them her way many times and they never quite turned out like I remembered.  Several years ago, my neighbor gave me a recipe she found, and I decided to try biscuits again.  I have worked consistently every Sunday perfecting these biscuits and they have become the centerpiece of Sunday morning breakfast.  

I like mine with butter and jelly, Levi just likes butter on his,  Eva likes agave nectar and Matt sometimes puts bacon on his or jelly or maybe just eats it plain, especially if he gets the diet biscuit.  (The diet biscuit is a story for another post someday. )

I've started gathering up all of my recipes and storing them digitally so they can be much easier to find.  I'm using a tool called Notion.  Click here to set up a free Notion Account

Click here and I'll send you this biscuit recipe, it's a keeper for sure! 

Enjoy the peaceful quiet moments friend whenever you can get them!  And eat together as often as possible.

cover photo:  Photo by Ravi Sharma on Unsplash


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