Boo... 5 Halloween tricks for you!

Boo... 5 Halloween tricks for you!
Halloween is so much fun!  Seeing all the kiddos dressed in their costumes and seeing their joy as they fill their bags with treats.  I have suggested we hand out toothbrushes or fruit and my family insists if we do that we will not be very popular in the neighborhood.  😂

I am a simple decorator, a wooden scare crow  and a few pumpkins is about all that happens on my front porch this time of year.  We like to carve a few sometimes and I hate how much work goes into the details just to have them rotting before Halloween night.  So I found this handy trick that keeps them looking good longer.  Just spray them with Thieves Household Cleaner on the cut edges and inside!  I mean who would have thought the cleaner I use daily could also keep my jack-o-lanterns fresh longer!  Well now you know my trick!

I like to simple decorations on the inside too but I also don't like pulling out a bunch of decorations only to have to put them away again in a few weeks.  I saw this bright idea of decorating my diffuser.  It sits out all the time, so why not make some cute cutouts out of paper and tape them on, turn the light onto orange mode and.....  Voila - inside the house decorated!  

Now if you want to get out a couple of things, like a black caldron from the dollar store, you can put the diffuser down inside of it (after you turn it on) and put a little bit of pulled apart cotton balls or some of that cobweb decoration material on the top of it to kind of hide the diffuser.  Voila, you've got that eerie feel to your space and you can set the mood with the oils you choose to diffuse!

Now once the little ones come home with their load of candy (and wrappers because they have eaten way too much while walking house to house) and start complaining of a tummy ache, be sure to have your monster tummy roller on the ready.   I actually use this quite often throughout the year when tummy aches show their ugly head.  I use 10 drops Digize and 7 drops peppermint in an empty roller and fill the rest with V6 Vegetable complex or the carrier oil of your choice.   Roll it on their belly and sometimes I warm up the heating pad to go along with it.  It  works wonders in our house.  

My last trick for you is for those littles who think there's a monster in the closet or under the bed or are just spooked by the costumes running around on Halloween night.  I like to make a Monster Spray (aka pillow spray for the adults) with an empty 2 oz spray bottle, add 15 drops lavender and 10 drops peace and calming, fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water, witch hazel or vodka.  Shake and spray on their pillows or around the room as "protection".  The lavender and peace and calming help to relax the mind and unwind when it's bedtime.  

So to sum it up here are my 5 oily Halloween tricks for you:

  1. Spray Thieves cleaner on inside of carved pumpkins
  2. Decorate your diffuser for a Halloween feel
  3. Put your diffuser in a caldron for that eerie feel
  4. Make a monster tummy roller for the "too much candy aches"
  5. Make a Monster spray for those who are spooked (or who are ready to wind down)
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