The one thing that you should invest in for a power outage that isn’t a generator

The one thing that you should invest in for a power outage that isn’t a generator

Living in West Virginia comes with pros and cons.  The beautiful landscape, friendly people, outdoor adventures galore and all four seasons are just some of the pros.  

The frequent power outages is one of the cons.  There is nothing worse than starting your day with a cold shower to really put you in a great mood. 🤨

During a power outage one of the biggest things people complain about is not having hot water.  I mean who wants to be stuck in a house with your family and not be able to shower?  It’s one of the luxuries that we have become accustomed to and don’t want to live without, am I right?  And a cold shower is, well, less than pleasant at best.  

Not to mention all those dirty dishes piling up.  

Now this little ingenious trick will save you some frustration and give you a needed stress relieving hot shower  during your next power outage.  I will preface this by saying we have a natural gas fired water heater that uses very little electricity once it gets going.  

If you have a hard wired water heater you will need to have an electrician create a way to plug it into an outlet for you first. 

For under $200, you can purchase a device that can jump start your car, inflate a flat tire, charge your phones with a USB port but most importantly for this discussion, it can also help you get a nice hot shower!  

Most people grab one of these to have in the car for emergencies but don’t think about the possibilities of what you can use it for during a power outage! 

When you know bad weather is headed your way and there's a possibility of a power outage, take it out of the car and be sure it's fully charged.  When the power goes out and you need hot water, plug in your hot water heater to this handy and very portable battery backup!  

We have survived for almost a week without power and no generator during the great ice storm of 2021 using our gas fireplaces to keep the house warm and dry clothes from playing in the snow.  Our natural gas stove top to cook and this little battery to keep everyone from stinking up the place. 😂

What I like about this device is that it's multifunctional - you're not just buying a generator that will only be used for the house when you loose power, this thing has come in handy several times for helping people jump start their car, inflate tubes for tubing the river and charging phones on the go.  

This is the one we have and I highly recommend it!   

Here's to making your next power outage a little more pleasant!

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