Every year I struggle with coming up with good ideas for gifts.  I want to give gifts that are special but something they will actually use and enjoy.  I am blessed to be part of a group that is so creative every year in giving suggestions and I want to share a 5 of my favorite ideas with you!  

So many forget about the importance of hydration during the cold winter months, but it’s just as important as those summer months! Staying hydrated during the winter months can boost your immune system and give your body support to help fight off infection. This will not only make a cute gift, but a gift that will inspire that special someone to take care of themselves when they need it the most. Included with this cute water bottle is the one and only Lemon oil. Lemon oil has properties within it that helps with normal inflammatory response, promotes a healthy immune system response, creates an unfriendly environment for all the nasty invaders, is great for the skin, and helps you feeling focused and energized. Just dropping 2-4 drops in your water is all you need!

• 20 oz bamboo top water bottles $15.99
• 5ml Lemon Vitality $6.50 

• 5ml Orange Vitality $6.25 
• 5ml Citrus Fresh Vitality $7.75 
• 5ml Grapefruit Vitality $8 
TOTAL COST: Around $22

This is a great gift for the person in your life who deals with lots of aches and pains, and we are going to show you how to give them some relief for a small price!

YL has a pack of ten CBD Muscle Rub sample tins that you can purchase! At $111.78, you can break this up and make 10 different gifts out of them for only $11.18 each! Ten gifts out of one purchase? Yes! CBD Muscle Rub combines CBD, menthol, and a selection of Young Living premium essential oils such as Camphor, Clove, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Wintergreen, and more. The result is a powerful balm that offers a cooling sensation and soothes sore muscles in seconds!

• Jar of epsom salt bamboo jars: 12 for $23.99 ($2 each)

Epsom salt: bulk bag for $26.99 https://amzn.to/3DLgjbF (Grab a smaller cheaper one at a local store if you want! You only need 6 oz to fill each jar.)
• Massage tool $12.99

• CBD sample tins - 10ct for $84.95 ($8.50 each)

**TOTAL COST: Around $27 **
Whoever you gift this bundle to will thank you later I promise : ). 

This brownie bundle idea is PERFECT for a family member/friend who loves to bake! Maybe you want to inspire some family cooking time for someone with kiddos! You can include a card in your gift that says “For your family baking night of fun” or some cute theme idea included. If you haven’t tried making your brownies using YL peppermint oil, you’re truly missing out. Cooking with YL oils gives a whole new meaning to life lol. Whoever you give this gift to will send you a “thank you” text after their first mouth watering pepperminty bite of deliciousness.

Brownie mix for $4.99 at target (or sub for your favorite mix of choice)
Peppermint Vitality $10.75
Spatula from Homegoods for $2.99 or sub for this Target one for $2.00
TOTAL COST: Around $18 +tax If you want to add any additional items to this bundle for your favorite baker in mind here are a couple of other items you can include!
Kitchen towel $3: https://bit.ly/3pSwY92
Batter Bowl $15: https://bit.ly/2ZJNiyj
PS. Include a recipe card to your gift.  Drop me a message if you want a printable for this!

So this charcoal mask isn’t just any ole mask you can find at Target. This mask is free from harsh and synthetic ingredients. It’s free from parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, animal derived ingredients, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic dyes. It’s so hard to find face masks these days that are not only clean, but WORK.

YL’s charcoal mask uses Tahitian volcanic black sand that gently exfoliates. The activated charcoal within this formula is found in both China and South Africa and has properties that absorb impurities to help detox the skin, purify pores, and reduces the appearance of blemishes to help restore an even skin tone. This mask also contains a blend of natural alphahydroxy acids (AHAs) derived from European bilberries, Argentine lemons, Czech sugar beets, Spanish grapes, and more. Talk about a bougee pamper!

• charcoal mask for $39.75
• bamboo bowl set $10.99:
TOTAL COST: $50 +tax
**Add a little description card to this skin care gift so you can let your someone special know how unique and one of a kind this face mask is! You can even include the following instructions on how to use straight from YL: “For oily, combination, and normal skin: Cleanse face with a gentle, non-irritating cleanser; then apply a thin layer of the mask to clean face and allow the mask to harden for 5–20 minutes. Once the mask has changed color and is hard, rinse with warm water to remove. Avoid the eye area, nostrils, and lips. Follow with the rest of your skin care routine, including moisturizer to rehydrate. Use 1–3 times per week. For dry and sensitive skin: Apply a thin layer of the mask to clean face and allow the mask to harden for 5–10 minutes. Once the mask has changed color and is hard, rinse with warm water to remove. Avoid the eye area, nostrils, and lips. Your skin will likely feel dry after rinsing, so promptly follow with the rest of your skin care routine, including moisturizer to rehydrate. Use as needed or as a spot treatment. Due to the exfoliating factor of the AHAs, the natural astringency of Peppermint essential oil, and the detoxing nature of kaolin clays and activated charcoal, you will likely experience a tingling sensation. Some may even experience pink or red skin directly after use. This is temporary, normal, and means the mask is working.”

Need a teacher gift this year? What about a Secret Santa gift for a co-worker? This cute mug gift set combo is such a simple, yet thoughtful gift idea. The great thing about each YL item included in this set is that it comes in a pack of multiples so you can use the other left over products for more bundles! Mugs are super cheap and you can find so many cute ones to work with. If you want to get creative and give yourself a little more time in advance, get a personalized mug off of Etsy!

Mug from Home Goods for $3.99 OR grab a few in bulk from Amazon
  1. Link: https://amzn.to/3reqQJd
  2. Maple Bath Bomb (pk of 3) $34.75 ($11.58 for each bath bomb)
  3. Chocolate bar (bulk) from Amazon (19.99 for 12)
  4. Vanillamint Lip balm 4.50 each
  5. Natural paper stuffing bought at Dollar Tree $1 per bag
    TOTAL COST: Around $23 for each mug gift set put together! Buy 3 mugs so you can make 3 gift sets! 3 really great gifts that are free from toxic chemicals for under $70? Yes please!
I hope these gift ideas inspired you and got your creative juices flowing!   

If you want to see more ideas, shoot me a message and I'll make sure you're in our FB group!


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